Alumni Circle

Introducing our Alumni Circle where we share the stories of ALC alumni, catch up, and promote their accomplishments, upcoming events, projects, and life updates!  Are you an Alumni? Submit your story to, we would love to hear from you!

Lauren Buangan

Following my Arts & Learning experience, I got very involved in theatre in high school and eventually became the President of my high school’s International Thespian Society.

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Mathew Kenslow

I am now a senior at Vanguard University of Southern California and am close in attaining a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry.

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Victoria Sneddon

I still credit Arts and Learning for building my confidence with speaking in front of people so that I can be the Project Manager that I am today

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Grant Yosenick

I took part in a summer program at the Arts and Learning Conservatory in Costa Mesa, California. As I recall, I played Mr. Teavee in a stage adaptation of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and as I also recall I had an amazing experience!

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Ruby Jay

While we will always remember her as the Scarecrow in our 2014 production of The Wizard of Oz (below) and Alice in Alice in Wonderland you may recognize her from the CBS series "Unicorn!"

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Riley McMackin group Cropped

Riley McMackin

I decided to apply public policy to a creative industry because I feel like the best way to reach people is through the arts. Everyone connects over the arts.

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Nick Slimmer

I currently work full time at the Tony Award-winning Regional Theatre, South Coast Repertory. I work there as a Conservatory and Educational Programs Associate.

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Rebecca Wilson

Living in LA, I’ve always been so fascinated by the industry, and really wanted to see if that was the right path for me. I was overwhelmingly happy to receive a job offer at the Walt Disney Studios, where I currently work.

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