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Riley McMackin

I’m currently a senior at USC about to get my BS in Public Policy. With a group of fellow policy students, we have created a podcast focusing on policy issues in Los Angeles called the Price of Policy (available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc.) and that’s probably the most exciting project I’m working on. You don’t hear my voice very often because I do most of my work behind the scenes in conducting research and writing scripts.

I decided to apply public policy to a creative industry because I feel like the best way to reach people is through the arts. Everyone connects over the arts and I am hoping people can come together, listen to the podcast, and have an open dialogue about the real issues in our community.

I think a highlight (of Art & Learning) for sure, was doing Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and having to be painted green for every single performance to play Oola, then having to do a quick change de-green myself, and head out as a different character later in the show. That show in particular holds many fond memories, mostly due to the amazing cast that I got really close to over the course of the show.

Another show I’ll always remember was a summer camp production of Rapunzel, where I got to play Rapunzel and just had such a fun time with everyone.

You can find out more about Riley’s Podcast Here!