Fall Classes 2018

September 18 – November 7

Arts & Learning Conservatory Classes

At the Arts & Learning Conservatory you are not just signing up for a weekly lesson; you’re entering into a progressive and immersive community where you’ll find inspiring teachers, new friends to collaborate with, performances to attend, and a place to call your musical home.

Conservatory classes for children and teens at the Arts & Learning Conservatory are designed to give students an in depth study in the areas of: acting, singing, instrumental music, media, and dance. We understand that when a student gains an understanding of the process and technique of the arts, the final product will be thorough and fun.


Exploratory Theater (K-3rd)

Interactive! Creative! Fun! The full experience will be to explore movement, drama, & music through Broadway selections. Activities include theatre technique, singing, and dance. Presentation on the final week of class. Tuition: $250 for this session. 4-5pm

Vocal Workshop (4th-6th)

Come join this fun class that includes beginning to advance level singers, as we explore the principles of healthy voice technique for stage performance including breathing, articulation, pronunciation, projection, and expressiveness. Using vocal games, and through working on musical selections, students will learn techniques that they will use for a lifetime. Classes are taught by a professional music instructor. This class fills early, enroll today. Tuition: $250 for this session. 4-5pm

Acting (4th-6th)

This class is an exciting initiation where students in Grades 3-6 are guided through the foundational elements of drama (who, what, and where). While acting out favorite stories and playing theatre games, they explore imagination and creative expression with a purpose. Presentation on the final week of class. Tuition: $250 for this session. 5-6pm

Teen Voice (7th-12th)

This class is for intermediate and advance level singers, where students will learn advanced vocal techniques used by the professionals. Through vocal exercises and projects, students will walk away with a invaluable experience and new tools they can use throughout their lives. Classes are taught by a professional music instructor. Tuition: $250 for this session. 5-6pm


Intro to Tap (Ages 10+)

  Build strength, flexibility, awareness and expression while having fun in this tap class. We welcome students that are new to dance and those in between. Our enthusiastic, professional instructor will engage you in an exciting performing arts education, giving you skills that will last a lifetime! There will be a final presentation at the end of the course. Tuition: $250 for this session. 5-6pm

Improv - Acting (Ages 9+)

  Develop expressiveness, spontaneity, and train your brain to think quickly. This fun high energy class will teach you the basics of improv and provide you the skill to perform with confidence. You will also perform in a class show at the end of the course. Tuition: $250 for this session. 4-5pm

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