Student Spotlight

Ayante Parker

How long have you been performing? 
I have been performing since the age of 8, however, Once On This Island Jr. was my first musical production.
What’s it like being a part of an Arts & Learning Production?
Being a part of an Arts & Learning Production was truly an enlightening experience. The directors demonstrated passion on stage and challenged their actors to bring out another version of themselves to bring the show to life. Overall, it was amazing to meet all of those amazing and talented kids and perform with them.
What was it like being a part of Once on This Island, Jr?
Being a part of Once On This Island opened my eyes to a brand new world. I absolutely loved being on stage, I loved the choreography and the expressions. I am so grateful to have Once On This Island be my first show. OOTI has definitely made me want to participate in more musical productions.
What are your dream goals, performing or otherwise for the future? Any dream roles? 
My dream goals ( inspired by the show) are to get more involved in the entertainment industry.
What are you up to at the moment (school, hobbies, etc,)?
At the moment I am enrolled in a theatre class at school and plan to work on my music when I have the time.
How has performing impacted your life? 
Performing has impacted my life in a way that I just can’t go without it. Although, this has been my first musical…It isn’t my last.
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