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Corbin Jacques

Music Education Director's Assistant 

Born and raised in Orange County, Corbin began his musical odyssey when handed a cello at the age of 9.


Ever curious, Corbin made many ham-fisted attempts at playing other instruments until finally settling for the guitar.

Corbin was accepted and planned to attend Berklee College of Music, but around the same time, his band Greer signed a recording contract with Epitaph Records, to which, in response, he thwarted plans to attend college. Corbin has toured nationally and internationally with Greer. Still growing, Greer continues to write, record music, and tour.

Corbin also studied composition and theory until the private tutelage of composer Christopher Cerrone.


Corbin is excited to join the Arts and Learning team and hopes he can support and continue to uphold the values and mission of ALC.

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