ALC At Your School

At ALC, the impact of our work goes beyond the stage and into communities throughout Southern California. We offer many workshops, residencies, and after-school arts programs, providing accessible ways to bring music and theatre to your classroom and community.

Bring A Teaching Artist To Your Classroom

Let our on-site arts program support your curriculum by designing classes to fit your needs. Professional ALC Teaching Artists lead your class as we can explore areas of theater, voice, dance, instrumental music, and other disciplines using professional teaching techniques and CA Arts standards.


Teaching Artist Class Options


Our workshops, school play, or instrumental classes are age-appropriate, 1 to 2-hour sessions specially designed to support your unique curriculum. You can choose to have a session in your classroom, on your site, or here at ALC.

On Site

On-Site ALC Teaching Artist Residencies range from a minimum of eight weeks to an entire school year and take place during the school day.

After School

After-School Arts Programs take place before and or after school hours, and can range from multiple weeks, months, or to an entire school year. All of these programs are carefully created to fulfill Common Core Standards and directly support what you do every day in the classroom.


Workshops, Instrumental Classes, On-Site Residences are per hour for up to 30 participants.
School plays are 1-2 times a week for 10 weeks min, for up to 70 participants.
We ask that the hosting educator be present.
After-School Arts Programs 
are per instructional hour up to 25 participants for instrumental, and 75 participants for musical theatre. The minimum amount of instruction for a residency or after-school enrichment program is 8 hours.


We understand your special needs and limitations.

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