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Arts & Learning Conservatory (501(c)3) is an award winning arts organization in Orange County, providing your child (ages 4-18) with an opportunity to develop their creativity since 2004!

The Arts & Learning Conservatory is offering our Arts Enrichment Program starting this Fall! The Arts Enrichment Program consists of the Homeschool Specialty Program, the Conservatory and the Creativity Lab. Classes begin Sept. 6th and will run through June 11.

Enrollment open until September 30th

The Homeschool Specialty Program

Mondays and Wednesdays

The Homeschool Specialty Program is designed as a fully arts integrated and immersive, themed based curriculum for ages 7-14. Credentialed teachers and experienced arts educators guide students through the Academies (mornings) and the Conservatory and the Creativity Lab (afternoons), integrating art and life in an inclusive, empowering and expansive way.  With plenty of opportunities for self-directed learning, this program aims to provide an outstanding support structure with care for each child’s individual goals and talents.

The Conservatory

Offered Mondays

A true conservatory model with an emphasis on professional performance training and experience in a specific performing arts form (theater, dance, voice, instrumental, media). This class is dedicated to growing the talents of our students in a progressive and tangible way. Instructor feedback as well as improved abilities for self- evaluation are cornerstones of the work.

Enroll in the Conservatory on Monday or Wednesday from 12-2:30 (2.5hrs). $500 per semester (16 weeks).

The Conservatory

The Creativity Lab

Offered Wednesdays

A comprehensive arts experience, this class uses theater, movement, and music as the vehicle to teach creative thinking and design. This class develops the imagination, fosters collaboration and generates NEW material with the student as the storyteller. Think of it as creative writing, but in addition to putting pen to paper we utilize our whole selves to tell the story. The focus of this class is on process and experience to build confidence that translates into improved skill sets – For life!

The Conservatory and the Creativity Lab are designed to be taken together, however students will benefit from taking one or the other if scheduling does not permit.

Enroll in the Creativity Lab on Monday or Wednesday from 12-2:30 (2.5hrs). $500 per semester (16 weeks).

Creativity Lab

*Each semester concludes with a presentation.

Enrollment Options:

Students enrolled through the Inspire Home School Specialty Program may attend both full days

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and submit to Inspire.

Call our office to confirm enrollment: 714.728.7100

Enroll in the Conservatory or Creativity Lab on Monday or Wednesday from 12-2:30 (2.5hrs). $500 each course per semester (16 weeks).

All Charter and private funds accepted.

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