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Advisory Board

Apply to part of the Arts & Learning Conservatory’s Advisory Board. We will take your information into consideration as we are looking for individuals to be involved in making a difference in the lives of children at the executive level. Thank you!

Role of Advisory Board

The role of the Advisory Board is to serve as a committed group of leaders who are ambassadors and active volunteers for A&L. Advisory Board members represent us in the field, are often the first person new and prospective members might meet, and help promote A&L in the marketplace.

A&L looks to our Advisory Board for feedback on new programs and activities, and counts on the Advisory Board to keep us true to the organization’s culture and values.

Qualifications Advisory board members must:
  1. Demonstrate a commitment to and understanding of the A&L organization,
  2. Have personal qualities and values that align with A&L’s mission and code of conduct,
  3. Be in a position to contribute to A&L financially, either through sponsorship or contribution.
Volunteer Position

Service on A&L’s Advisory Board is without remuneration and all time and expenses are contributed by the board member on a volunteer basis.

Commitment Requested of Advisory Board Members

Advisory Board members are asked to participate as needed at A&L events and productions throughout the year. We expect Advisory Board members to contribute to A&L financially, either through a sponsorship or a contribution.

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