Master Classes

Business of Acting

with Keenah Armitage
March 5, 5:00 – 6:00pm

Are you ready to learn insider secrets about the business of showbiz? In this ‘Business of Acting’ masterclass you will walk away with: 1) Understanding what the specific types of jobs you can have a working artist 2) Ways to create a game plan to move your professional career forward NOW 3) Knowledge and strategies for putting together your own “Thriving Artist Toolkit” 4) A clear vision for your unique type and how to begin to build ‘brand equity’. This is a vitally important masterclass for anyone interested in pursuing a professional career and who wants to get ahead especially during these crazy pandemic times!

Read About Keenah

Keenah was a Broadway actress, musical theatre professor, choreographer, and director. She is now a Success Coach for spiritual-aligned, professional performing artists and the creator of the Thriving Artist Method. Keenah specializes in teaches her clients how to transform their subconscious identity, create clarity & vision, and build brand equity so that they can design a career on their terms while living their desired lifestyle offstage.


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