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Spring 2019 Newsletter

June 25, 2019

ALC Spring 2019 Outreach, Spotlight and Review

Springtime @ ALC

April 25, 2019

ALC Alumni Reflections

Arts and Learning have changed my life by making me such a better person. It also made me way more outgoing because when I first started arts and learning I was super shy but it just taught me that whenever I enter the stage I should go all out and not be afraid to shine and be that character. I love arts and learning because too me it feels as if it’s just a second home. I feel as if all my cast members and directors are just my family.

They always know how to make me such a happy girl and I always have a blast working with every single one of them. I’m so glad I started arts and learning when I was young because it showed me that even when I grew up and went through some tuff times I could always count on acting for being such a great hobby of mine and make me the happiest girl alive. I do not regret ever starting acting it’s such an amazing place!

Olivia Castillo
Class of 2018

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