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2019-2020 Conservatory Classes

July 14, 2019

Year-Round After-School Theater Arts and Voice Classes this Fall


Voice students will increase and sharpen their skills in vocal production, rhythm, intonation, balance, vocal style, performance practice, signing techniques and ensemble sensitivity.  Acting student will learn to take direction, learn script reading, build skills for camera and stage performance, demonstrate creativity, create a desire to perform to an audience, reduce public speaking timidity, become skillful at natural and expressive gestures and portray and interpret various roles with a relaxed and natural flow.

Fall 2019

Spring 2019 Newsletter

June 25, 2019

ALC Spring 2019 Outreach, Spotlight and Review

Springtime @ ALC

April 25, 2019

ALC Alumni Reflections

Arts and Learning have changed my life by making me such a better person. It also made me way more outgoing because when I first started arts and learning I was super shy but it just taught me that whenever I enter the stage I should go all out and not be afraid to shine and be that character. I love arts and learning because too me it feels as if it’s just a second home. I feel as if all my cast members and directors are just my family.

They always know how to make me such a happy girl and I always have a blast working with every single one of them. I’m so glad I started arts and learning when I was young because it showed me that even when I grew up and went through some tuff times I could always count on acting for being such a great hobby of mine and make me the happiest girl alive. I do not regret ever starting acting it’s such an amazing place!

Olivia Castillo
Class of 2018

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