The Arts & Learning Conservatory (ALC) is dedicated to bringing the arts to under-served communities throughout Southern California. For the past seven years, we have provided free theater classes to Colton School District.  One of our schools, Ulysses Grant, a Title One School with 90% of students on Federal Lunch Program, 23% are English Learners and 93% Hispanic, were supplied a no-cost theater program which included: scripts, costumes, directors, professional sound and lighting, and set pieces.  This school year at Ulysses Grant we served over 65 students in their production of Willy Wonka.  Ulysses Grant Elementary is a success story, with a waitlist for more!

This program was fully sponsored by foundation grant and funding with the generosity of private donations.  You too can Sponsor an ALC by becoming a partner, donating to our Performing Arts Programs.


College Bound Performers

4 students from the original cast are now first-generation college students studying theater.

An Asset to Your District

The Superintendent of schools sees ALC as an asset to the Colton school district

Productions that all will love

The production is seen as a staple in the community bridging the arts with non-traditional arts patrons

"It’s rewarding to see the children participate in the performing arts. I appreciate the efforts of Arts & Learning Conservatory in making these programs possible. It’s unfortunate not all schools are lucky enough to get the support and financial resources needed to put together such an event. This is an amazing way to give students the opportunity to express themselves creatively and it was a pleasure to watch the performance."

Olivia Cardenas Parent at Grant Elementary

I think it is such an amazing opportunity that these children are getting to be able to perform with Arts and Learning Conservatory and I hope that Grant Elementary is able to continue to do so for many many years to come.

Alysha Kale Parent at Grant Elementary