What’s included in the production fee?

  • Everyone who completes the enrollment process will be cast in the production
  • Each cast member will receive a libretto (script and music) not to keep, t-shirt, and invaluable experience working on a production. This fee also provides 60+ hours of exceptional training and instruction throughout the rehearsal process, costumes, sets, make-up, and other production value. Training in acting, movement, and even stage combat are also part of being in an Arts & Learning production.

How are the parents involved?

There will be many ways that parents can help and assist with the musical production.  Some of these things are, but not limited to:

  • Seeking out sponsors and playbill ads
  • Assisting students with set construction/painting
  • Assisting students with costuming resources
  • Assisting with box office hours
  • Assisting with tech and show week meal preparations

We have two days where families/staff/cast come together to help the designers have extra hands in getting the set, props, and costumes finished in time for the show. These are shared in advance so that all may plan to be present.

Does my child need theater experience to participate?

  • No, children of all levels of experience are encouraged to participate. They will learn the skills necessary to be in a production (singing, dancing, and acting) as well as team building, confidence, and have loads of fun!

What if I have conflicts?

We accept some conflicts with the rehearsal schedule but we need all to be “honest” about conflicts at the start. We do not allow any conflicts during the last ten days of rehearsals or for any performances. Conflicts are taken under consideration when casting.

I’ve never been in a play/auditioned before? Can I still audition?

Yes! We strive to be a comfortable place for your first audition. If this is your first time, you may want to read the Tips for Auditioning.

What should I wear?

For each audition you should dress nicely, but in comfortable clothing that you can be free to move around in. You should not dress in costume. Please wear shoes that will stay on your feet and are easy to move in.

Do I need to bring anything?

No, unless otherwise specified for a particular show.

Do I need a headshot/resume?

If you have a resume and headshot, please bring them, but we do not require them to audition. We will have a form for you to fill out. It is helpful to bring a picture.

Please see official audition notice if a headshot is required.

If you are required to have a headshot, here are some tips:

  1. Make sure you can see your entire face in the shot.
  2. This must be a recent picture of yourself
  3. Be sure to smile!
  4. You don’t need fancy equipment; your Smart phone will take a nice picture.
  5. Standard headshots are 8x10 inches
  6. A recent school picture is fine too!

Do I have to sing?

For musicals, all actors will be required to sing at the audition. Shows and roles will vary as to how much singing will be required in the performance.

What song should I choose?

The best choice would be something that suits your age and type. It should be from a musical if possible. If you’ve auditioned for us many times, it’s always a good idea to prepare something new. Popular songs are usually not a good choice, as they do not show the same range and vocal qualities as songs written for the stage.

What does a cappella mean?

There is no piano or playback available for music. You will need to sing without accompaniment. Always refer to each production’s specifc audition page if you are allowed to sing a cappella. For most musicals, we will provide an accompianist and students are not allowed to sing a cappella.

Should I prepare a dance?

No. We will teach you a short dance combination at the audition.

Do I need a monologue?

You do not need to prepare a monologue unless specifically noted in the show audition information. Peter has clear monologue information on the website.

What is a callback?

An invitation to return for a second audition based on the directing team wanting to see you for one of these reasons:

  1. You are being considered for a particular role and they want to see you do short excerpts of the requirements for that part (dance, music, acting, etc.)
  2. You are being considered for multiple parts.
  3. They need to see you paired with other people that are being considered for roles you will interact with for pairing.

If you are not called back it may mean the directors have already cast you in a particular role and you will not need to go through the 2nd process.


Cell Phone Policy

All students who are involved in the Main Stage Theater Productions at Arts & Learning Conservatory must follow these guidelines. This is to ensure the safest possible environment for everyone, please read this in its entirety, sign and return this sheet to verify that this information was communicated.

• At Call time, cell phones are out of sight, students may keep them in backpacks, purse, etc.…

• Cell phones will be used in case of emergency only

• Posting anything on social media from Rehearsal call times on Mondays & Thursdays (5:30pm – 8:30pm) estimated end time and Saturdays (9:00am-1:00pm) is not allowed

• Cell Phones are not to be used for taking photos or videos during this designated time frame

• This policy will begin on the first dress/tech rehearsal and continue to the final performance

Students who violate this policy will be asked to leave and will not perform in the Production.