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At the Arts and Learning Conservatory, the impact of our work goes beyond the stage and into communities throughout Southern California. We offer many workshops, residencies, and after-school arts programs, providing accessible ways to bring music and theater to your classroom and community.


The Arts & Learning Conservatory currently offers private lessons in voice, acting and for wind/brass and stringed instruments. Lessons are held at our studio. 

  • Voice

  • Acting

  • Dance

  • Flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone

  • Violin, viola, cello, bass

  • Piano

  • Percussion

  • Guitar, ukulele

Rates are as follows per lesson:

  • 30 minutes • $40

  • 45 minutes • $60

  • 60 minutes • $75

For lesson inqiries, please email the music director Mr. Edwin Lovo at

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