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We are on a mission to make the arts accessible to all children! Financial aid is awarded to families on a first come first served basis. Increments are given as partial scholarships.


In an effort to make arts education more accessible the Arts & Learning Conservatory offers scholarships by application for all conservatory and district classes and productions. We believe that art should be available to all for the lasting positive impact it has on our students’ professional readiness in any field.

In order to be considered for the scholarship we will need these items turned in all at once. 

  • Scholarship application fully filled out

  • First page of most recent tax return

  • Note or letter from a former/current teacher, mentor, tutor, coach, sensei, etc. on why the child would be a good candidate for a scholarship. 

  • A note from the child on why they want to do the program. (short note)

  • A letter from the parent/guardian explaining your hardship or why a scholarship would be beneficial to the child and your family. 

Please note that the pdf can be filled online, however, you might have to download the blank pdf, edit it, save it, and attach it to an email. 


Be sure to include the school, and what class(band or strings). 


We also ask for a student contribution amount. Some parents can afford to pay half the tuition, some can only pay $50. We ask that parents are honest with what they can afford, as it opens up scholarships to more kids. In the email, please add what you are able to contribute. 


Once all these items are ready, email them to  with the filled pdf application, 1st page of tax return(copy), note from teacher or parent, and contribution amount. 


Scholarships are based on different criteria and not just income alone. Circumstances and hardship play a big role in people's lives. We strive to provide scholarships to all in need to the best of our abilities. ​

Download, fill out, and email application to:

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