At the Arts & Learning Conservatory we are dedicated to creating a unique experience through musical theater and performing arts programs which include drama, voice, instrumental classes, and dance!

Theater Productions

Our productions provide children with an opportunity to be a part of a live stage performance. This includes instruction, costumes, makeup and more.

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I have so much fun! Sometimes we laugh a lot and have a lot of humor.
I feel like Arts & Learning is like my family!


There are two things I liked about Arts & Learning. They are getting to be the person I want to be and getting to meet all the new friends.


I was Aslan in the play Narnia and it was a great experience; it was also my first time at Arts & Learning…Dancing and singing is may favorite thing in a play.


Summer Camp was so much fun


I loved making new friends, having fun and performing


I was incredibly impressed with the professionalism and organization of the staff!


Continue hiring fabulous instructors! I was very impressed with all of them.
Thank you, my daughter loved it and can’t wait to participate again!


I was incredibly impressed with the professionalism and organization of the staff.


“My time doing plays through Arts and Learning has been amazing. My favorite thing about the plays has been the fact that you get to meet new people. If you were a 4th grader, then you get to meet the 6th graders and that is a good time to socialize. I have noticed that I have been a pretty good performer, if you ask me. But since I had started plays, I have changed a lot. I was quiet, but every year I got more talkative. I think that doing this helps you socially than academically because you really have to talk and be loud and you can make friends. This is my reflection about the plays through Arts and Learning.


“As a teacher for 38 years, I have always known that art and music are a must in the elementary classroom, but have seen programs cut-back, or practically diminished because of the lack of funding. Grant School has always valued the arts and tries to give our students exposure to art, music, and theatre on a small scale. Teaming up with Arts and Learning Conservatory, helped us bring a professional theatre experience to our students. The grant provided costumes, professional lighting and sound, beautiful sets, and highly qualified, well trained staff. It has been a pleasure working with such a dedicated team of people with a deep passion and love of the arts.”

Sandra S.

Join a Class

A&L offers an exciting multi-year program with comprehensive theater & music training that is engaging, challenging, and inspiring. Classes are offered both onsite at our facility, as well as on school campuses during Fall, Winter, and Spring.

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Starting with only four performances a year and growing to over 35 county-wide, we've expanded from 21 students to over 1,500, in just a decade!

Theater & Music Camps

A&L offers an exciting camp program with comprehensive theater & music training that is engaging, challenging, and inspiring.

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Our Friends & Sponsors

Arts & Learning is thankful for the great organizations, councils and foundations that partner with us to bring the arts to children in our community.

Friends and Sponsors

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